Top 3 Tips for Building and Maintaining Viewership

Top 3 Tips for Building and Maintaining Viewership

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In order for a company to achieve a strong viewership, they must be able to build and maintain an audience. This can be accomplished through various methods but some of the most effective techniques are:


  1. Using Infographics 


For those of you that don’t already know, consumers love facts and figures but mountains of information can be mind-numbing at times. Luckily, infographics are specifically designed to represent data in a captivating way. They capture a reader’s attention by featuring a visually compelling mixture of style, text, and images that convert complicated
information into a simple format. As a result, attractive infographics go viral because consumers tend to share them on social media. This can potentially increase traffic to your website/ social media pages and increase brand awareness. Most importantly, readers that flock to your content will look forward to seeing more.


  1. Including Key Words

A company’s main goal is to be remembered, otherwise viewers would never revisit their content. A great way to make that memorable statement is by incorporating some key words or phrases into campaigns, advertisements, blogposts, etc. It is important to keep in mind that these key words or phrases should be specific to your company’s brand, purpose, or current projects. This concise information can also be used to separate a company from its competitors in generic web/media searches. Above all, consumers that are attracted to these key words will remember companies and revisit content that can be easily identified.




  1. Engagement

Viewers are constantly bombarded with excessive amounts of information, and they often prioritize companies, products, or campaigns that directly appeal to their desires. Companies that understand this fundamental principle engage with their audience by making their content personal, immediate, and local. A great way to personalize content is obtaining constant feedback from viewers through surveys, polls, social media, etc. This helps companies adjust to their consumer’s evolving interests and ultimately improve the goods or services being produced.


Additionally, social media is a great outlet to distribute immediate and local promotional information to their viewers.


In conclusion, implementing infographics, key words, and engaging posts are great ways to attract and maintain a company’s target audience because these techniques are specifically designed to accommodate your business model around the viewer’s interests. Above all, successful businesses care about their viewership and your company should too!



Viviana Barreto Roballo is a senior at the Newton College and Career Academy. As an intern for Home Grown Digital, she works in the marketing and media management department to practice creating and distributing content for social media.


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