How to Electrify Your Social Media Campaign

How to Electrify Your Social Media Campaign

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On social media platforms, campaigns are used for a multitude of reasons. Playing out on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, social media campaigns must be designed to build up the presence of these outlets. Whether they are utilized by companies to keep their brand relevant amongst prospective consumers or just to build a loyal customer base, campaigns should be effective. One effective tool that can be used by companies is the hashtag. Hashtags are social media symbols that can help draw awareness to a topic or issue and with an eye-catching phrase or keyword. The use of hashtags are effective in promoting a social media campaign by utilizing current trends to make campaign messages that are relevant and using catchy key words and phrases to form memorable campaigns.

To draw in audiences to websites or to certain webpages, the use of appealing language can be very useful in promoting a long-lasting movement. According to Wix, a business can personalize their hashtag by using phrases and keywords that are specific to the company. Not only does this ensure that the company itself holds the right to that specific hashtag, but it provides an incentive for people to join the consumer base of a company. These hashtags should be as few words as possible so that they have an enduring longevity online and can be easily found on search engines. Noting this information, it takes time to create a campaign that strikes a cord with the public. Trying out all the different types of hashtags can show which ones really draw people in or which ones attract little attention, thus allowing a company to build an entire brand market around a noteworthy campaign.

Another way to draw audiences in with hashtags is with trending topics or current trends that pertain to a relevant market. The events of the real world often bleed through on social media outlets, creating countless digital dialogues amongst users across the globe. According to  Seoperson, using hashtags to reference a significant moment in the world can not only draw a strong, immediate response from consumers, but keep a business relevant and different from other businesses. This requires research and general conversation with the public to see what is popular and what is being discussed in conversations around the world. Social networking sites, for example, have utilized current events to engage people in a topic, no matter the level of importance. However, the nature of hashtags based on trending events changes fast, so these types of hashtags need to be adjusted to feature the latest trends.

For businesses to have successful social media campaigns, hashtags can be effective tools in their efforts to gain traction with audiences. Short, catchy, memorable phrases and current trends are impactful in creating campaigns that elevate the presence of businesses. All it can take is a memorable hashtag to change the entire nature of a business forever.






Ralph Brown is a senior at the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) and a member of the Home Grown Digital team, where he takes part in practicing social media marketing. With an affinity for writing, he utilizes these skills along with his team members.

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