What is public relations and what can it do for you?

What is public relations and what can it do for you?

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Public relations or (PR) is a major part of any company or business that is looking to make a name for its self. Public relations are usually a department or a team of people that focus on the perception of the company as seen by the public. Being the face of the company is a very important task and requires the public relations team to be very coordinated and effective at relaying messages from the company to the consumer base. Even if your company doesn’t sell a product maintaining a good public image is extremely important as a health image won’t deter other companies and business from wanting to be associated with you.

So, what can public relations do for you?

  • It can be a very good tool for any company to get important information directly to the consumer base
  • It can be used to create positive interactions between consumer base and the company creating a positive association helping to retain consumers
  • It can distribute important information to the consumer base
  • Much more cost effective advertising

The main thing that all these have in common is that they create a strong connection between the consumer and the company. The hope of public relations is that it helps create loyal customers through being transparent/ honest. It’s very important to keep in mind that public relations can be a double-edged sword as if used improperly could push consumers away. The information relayed by the public relations team need to thoroughly vetted and cleared of any errors.

Public relations is very similar to marketing, however marketing is advertising while public relations is more about information and retaining a good image of a company. The line of between the two over time has blurred, but public relations generally has more cost-effective advertising and more credibility.

So what can public relations do for you?


Public relations can help any company become a more approachable and inviting company for consumers to interact with. Public relations can dramatically change how your company is perceived by the public making it a necessary and potent tool for a modern-day company.






Quinten Byrne is a student at Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) and a member of the Home Grown Digital team there. As a member of the Home Grown Digital Team he focuses on working with his peers to improve and refine his marketing and social media skills.

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