Top 6 SEO Tips to Help You Rank in Google

Top 6 SEO Tips to Help You Rank in Google

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Sometimes, it can be hard to get ahead of the SEO curve with Google’s search engine always changing and adapting. Here are six tips, in no particular order, to improve your ranking and get results in 2017.

  1. Be Mobile Friendly (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project is a set of standards, set by Google, to improve websites’ compatibility with mobile devices. Not only will adopting these standards make your website load faster on mobile devices — and that alone could boost your rankings, as Google prefers sites with faster load times — but the fact that the project is backed by Google is also promising.

  1. Optimized Visual Content

Visual content is important on its own, just from a user experience and share ability point of view, but properly titling your content and adding metadata and keywords for search engines to pick up on will always be valuable.

  1. Build High Quality External Links

Having other websites with “high authority” link back to yours can have an extremely positive effect on your ranking. If you’re having trouble with figuring out how or where to acquire new external links, research the external links of your competitors and use any relevant contacts you must build more.

  1. Concerning Citations

Local citations are important in developing your site’s local SEO ranking, but make sure to invest an equal amount of time building quality external links. Building high quality external links in addition to building your citations (instead of focusing too heavily on citations alone, as some have suggested) can end up netting you more results in the long term.

  1. Keyword Usage

The keywords you rank for can make or break your SEO. It’s an incredibly nuanced process, but essentially, the goal is to find and rank for keywords which aren’t highly competitive, but which are still regularly searched and are relevant to the content you want to produce. Consider installing plugins/software to optimize your keyword density and other, previously mentioned factors in your content.


  1. Make Yourself Familiar with Google’s Process

Google explains how their search engine works at Of course, you can’t expect all the secrets of SEO to suddenly come to you after reading through the information, but having a good understanding of the fundamentals of what Google is doing will ultimately be beneficial to your rankings.


Those are the 6 best SEO tips for ranking in Google for right now! Keep all these ideas in mind when you’re creating your content, and you will see results.




Anthony Fiddes is a senior at the Newton College and Career Academy. He has a passion for SEO and website design. He lends his technological expertise to the Home Grown Digital team there.

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