Why Businesses Should Write Blogs and Articles

Why Businesses Should Write Blogs and Articles

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Welcome to the 21st century, an era of digitalization, information exchange, and inevitably… competition. Many companies ask themselves how they should stay on their toes in the big scheme of things; how to market to increasingly diverse demographics with the most efficient, attractive, and cheap ways possible. Too often start-ups are pressured to feel like they must do things such as putting their brand on eye-catching billboards and give away goods. Not to say that these practices should be discarded, if done right these can draw in crowds of consumers. However, a more effective route that can always be considered as an attractive alternative are blogs, articles, and social media posts. All these can be presented to a target audience to garner interest.

Businesses can provide these services to the weary customer who may be interested in a product, but unsure whether to invest. It can also draw attention to products and businesses that customers would not have otherwise known existed. Imagine someone is marketing a brand to a group and they want to do it in the best way possible. Putting their brand up on billboards or television ads can be costly, and very limited to who they reach since they are strategies that only get through to a select group of viewers. The same ads are not shown on all TV stations, nor do vast groups of different people see a billboard at the side of one road.

The internet, however, is the crossroads of countless populations from a vast variety of localities. This makes it more likely for people who are interested in your product to come across you and your business. Individuals who are also predisposed to being interested can more easily access information about your company, which makes you a more popular pick with consumers. Blogs especially are great for this, since they provide constant updates of what is going on with the business, such as if there’s a special sale or deal that buyers would be interested in, or even changes to the brand such as an increase in variety.

The modern customer likes to be informed about the business they are doing business with. Blogs, articles, and social media provide an ample amount of information that keep customers connected. In selling the idea of your product through promotion via blogs you make yourself a more trustworthy and accessible 21st century company.




Rachel De Las Casas is Project Manager of Home Grown Digital at Newton College and Career Academy. Here, she works on collaborating with the team to excerise their social media marketing skill .

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